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Swimming Pool Remodel/Renovation


Have you thought about renovating or remodeling your pool or spa? If so, we've got great news for you. Never before have there been so many options to improve the looks and the efficiency of your existing swimming pool. In just the last 10 years, literally dozens of new developments have made swimming pool ownership more enjoyable, less expensive and easier than ever. Here are just a few of the options now available to you:

  • NEW DESIGNS, such as beach entries, tanning ledges, and in-water tables & chairs
  • NEW WATER FEATURES, such as waterfalls, grottos, water arches, rain walls, and water curtains
  • NEW MATERIALS, such as pavers, natural stone, mosaic designs and aggregate interior finishes
  • MORE ENERGY SAVINGS with heat pumps, variable speed pumps and LED lighting
  • LESS WORK with automatic cleaners, chlorine generators and automated control systems


Want to give your pool brand-new look? We can do just about anything to change the look, style, and make it better than new. Whether it's a simple plaster replacement or a whole lot more, it's no problem. After serving Missouri for more than 15 years, we've gotten pretty good at making old pools look beautiful again.


Here are some time saving and energy saving ideas to consider:



Microprocessor runs pool cleaning and filtration—saving time and slashing utility costs.


Conserve time & energy

A must for any pool owner, SmartSaver™ can lower your utility bills as much as 75%! In conjunction with a two-speed pool motor, this microprocessor-controlled unit manages the operation of your cleaning and filtration systems—saving you both time and power consumption. Even better, SmartSaver™ will boost the lifespan of your pool motor.


SmartFlow™ JetSystem

Revolutionary system maximizes cleaning & circulation, attacks dirt along pool and spa interior surfaces, prevents “dead zones”, and provides warmer, fresher water in less time, with less cost and fewer chemicals.


A revolution in pool efficiency & savings

Take circulation & cleaning to unsurpassed levels! Blue Haven’s breakthrough SmartFlow™ technology helps any automatic, roving pool cleaner achieve excellent results faster.


It works even in hard-to-reach areas in both your pool and spa, and it dramatically improves the distribution of heat, chemicals, and freshly purified, filtered water. That means you can swim in a warm, crystal-clear pool with less expense, less chlorine, and less energy use!


The key to the system lies in its ability to create targeted, powerful water flow in all the right places. A series of patented nozzle heads concentrate “return” water into arrays of high-velocity directional jets, each targeting a specific surface area for cleaning. It’s like having two dozen return lines at work vs. the typical two to four.


SmartFilter™ with Microban® * product protection

Ultra-efficient and low-maintenance, this filter conserves water, and boasts antimicrobial protection to inhibit mold, mildew & bacteria so the filter stays fresher, longer.


Maximum results, minimum effort

The productive, super-sized SmartFilter™ helps keep your pool water clean while helping protect the environment, your pocketbook, and your busy schedule. This national exclusive also resists attacks from mold, mildew, and bacteria.


This high-capacity unit provides many months of service before it needs cleaning. It even eliminates the need for backwashing–sparing you and Mother Nature the enormous cost of replacing hundreds of gallons of chemically treated water every year. There won’t be any trips to the pool-supply store to buy messy, costly powders to replenish the filter, and there won’t be any buckets of wet sand or hazardous DE (diatomaceous earth) to haul off for disposal.


The most advanced filter system ever is also ready to battle the growth of odor- & stain-causing microbes: Armed with the latest antimicrobial technology, SmartFilter™ has the powerful Microban element embedded throughout its cartridge fibers to deliver unrelenting protection from enemy microbes so your filter stays fresher for longer periods.


SmartPure® Salt Sanitizer

Achieve a kinder, gentler “saltwater pool” with the top-of-the-line salt generator—without the accompanying costs, hassles, and hazards of traditional chlorine.

Saltwater Swimming Pools – Kinder, Gentler, Chlorination

Install saltwater pools and avoid the costs, hassles, and harsh effects caused by traditional store-bought tablet and bottled chlorine. The SmartPure® Sanitizer uses a special approach to chlorination that’s better than anything you can buy at the pool store and without all the nasty results!


Through electrolytic conversion of natural salt, the Sanitizer produces a stable, absolutely pure, incredibly efficient form of non-liquid chlorine. Since it’s delivered through your salt water pool’s plumbing system, you always have consistent, uniform dispersion throughout the water.


Output is steady, and it is not plagued by the risky highs and lows for which tablet and bottled chlorine are notorious. And while common chlorine increases the calcium level, the Sanitizer actually helps neutralize giving you a swimming pool with ultra-soft, swimmer-friendly water.


SmartPure® Ozonator

Popular purification system ensures a virtually chlorine-free pool with pristine, swim-ready water and helps prevent typical chlorine hazards like red eyes, dry skin, and harsh chemical odor.


Virtually chlorine-free purification

Swim in crystal-clear water with a natural process called ozonation that drastically cuts the level of chlorine needed in your pool. Used to maintain pool water at top spas, hotels, and the Olympics, ozonation is also a chosen method for helping purify bottled water and the tap water in major cities such as LA, Dallas, and Las Vegas.


Thousands of pool owners nationwide rely on Blue Haven’s SmartPure® Ozone Generator for silky, pristine water. Friendlier for your family, pets, and the environment, proper use with the Mineral Cartridge results in needing up to:

  • 80% less chlorine
  • 90% fewer clarifiers
  • 90% less shock treatment
  • 95% less algaecide


Suitable even for large, commercial pools, Blue Haven’s powerful SmartPure® system makes ozone effective and affordable every day for residential swimming needs. Without the usual chemical loads, water is remarkably soft on your skin and incredibly clear—glistening with the same kind of brilliance as a mountain stream. Above all, you won’t have to contend with stinging red eyes, itchy skin, and stiff, faded swimsuits, or inhaling those awful bleach-like fumes!


The SmartPure® ozone difference: With minimal chlorine, your pool’s interior finish will last longer as will manicures, hair perms, relaxers, color treatments, and results from skin bronzers and sunless tanning products.


SmartVac® Pool Cleaner

Efficient, automated unit quietly and rapidly cleans most pools in only 3 – 4 hours.


Put pool cleaning on autopilot

Our SmartVac® line of efficient, automated cleaners remove sand, grit, dirt, soil, leaves, and debris from your pool–so you don’t have to. Setting the standard for performance & longevity, they quietly clean most pools in only 3 to 4 hours with the very latest technology.


The pool-friendly designs assure gentle movement across the interior surface and quick extraction from corners so they spend more time cleaning, vs. stuck in one spot. And with features that may include programmed steering, ultra-wide side wings, fluid propulsion, and the widest vacuum nozzle available, they ensure superior overall pool coverage.


SmartBrite® Color Quartz Interior Finish

Distinctive quartz aggregate finish provides a strong, slip-resistant interior with enduring, stain-resistant color.


Beauty, comfort, and endurance

Give your pool a distinctive interior finish that’s unmatched in looks and durability. Blue Haven’s SmartBrite®—made with a select blend of ceramic quartz aggregate—will accentuate your pool’s interior with a gleaming, slip-resistant, long-lasting surface.


Compared to many pebble-type finishes, SmartBrite® will feel smooth and even on your family’s feet, and you won’t experience those annoying snags on your swimsuit or pock-like skin indentations.


True to its color, the quartz in SmartBrite® resists chemicals, erosion, and ultraviolet deterioration. It won’t show stains, and it’s easy to clean. Your Blue Haven designer will explain the SmartBrite® material warranty and also provide actual samples so that you can see—and feel—your color options.


Beyond a handsome interior, SmartBrite® color quartz finish puts old-fashioned plaster pool finishes to shame with its impressive longevity.


SmartTherm™ Heaters

Full array of efficient gas heaters, electric heat pumps, and solar-powered systems to economically extend your swimming season.


Extend your swimming season

For a pleasantly heated pool–without a heated utility bill–Blue Haven offers a complete array of energy-wise equipment to keep your water at just the right temperature. Options include the latest generation of ultra-functional gas heaters and electric heat pumps, as well as the most attractive and highest-rated solar heating systems around.


Based on how you plan to use your pool, the region of the country, climate, construction conditions, and other local factors, your Blue Haven consultant will guide you in selecting the kind of heater that offers you the best overall value.


An efficient pool heating system will extend your swimming season so you maximize the amount of time you can enjoy your pool & spa.


SmartMax™ StarPump & Motor

The pool industry’s most efficient residential pool pump is also the quietist and turns over more water with less electricity.


Born to run–built to last

Designed for today’s most demanding pool installations, Blue Haven’s SmartMax™ StarPump sets a new standard of performance for residential pool pumps. More powerful than any other pool pump, it is also the quietest and turns over more water with less electricity! The advanced fluid dynamic design optimizes the three essential pump elements to deliver superior flow with quiet efficiency. Revolutionary technical advancements allow the motor to run cooler to extend the pump’s life as well.


Other advantages include ease of operation, its durable, non-corrosive construction, and a motor engineered to provide a many years of reliable, fuss-free use. You’ll also appreciate the super-sized leaf and debris strainer basket—its vast holding capacity means dramatically longer periods between cleanings!


Expect superior performance and unparalleled energy efficiency from the high-performance SmartMax™ StarPump while it delivers the water volume needed to power your pool.


SmartLight® LED

Safe LED and fiber-optics lighting technologies brilliantly illuminate pool, spa, waterfalls, and landscaping in an array of dazzling, changing jewel-tone colors.


SmartLight® Color-changing LED

Patented technology combined with a microprocessor and the industry’s brightest, longest-performing LED’s deliver high-intensity illumination with low operating costs and a lifespan that eclipses traditional pool lights—an amazing 50,000 hours!


Color options are extensive, with five fixed colors and seven color-changing light shows. These exciting, theme-based shows set the mood as they cycle through a kaleidoscope of colors. Dazzle your guests with festive hues in the Mardi Gras show, or relax with the serene color fades found in Twilight.


You can also synchronize two or more lights so the color program in the spa and water features match and change right along with the pool lighting.



Activate heat, spa jets, lighting, water features, and more from inside the house, around the pool area, or even in the water with our wireless, 100%-waterproof, handheld remote.


Automation in the palm of your hand

Take pool control as far as it can go—right into the water! Activate heat, spa jets, lighting, waterfalls & more from a wireless, 100%-waterproof command center that you can hold in your hand. This state-of-the-art remote does everything and goes everywhere, and that means you can control your backyard resort while inside the house, around the pool area, or even in the water.


Imagine your pool & landscape lighting automatically turning on as the sun goes down. How about firing up the spa—while sitting inside at the dinner table—so that it’s just the right temperature when you’re ready to jump in. And wouldn’t it be great if the pump and filtration cycles automatically ran during off-peak hours to save on utility costs.


Complete programming of automatic functions makes operation a snap; a single touch of a button turns pool & spa features on and off–individually or as a group. For example, you can tailor your own private “spa” program so that a single key turns your spa jets, heat, and lighting selection on and off.


Unlike some pool-automation systems, SmartControls™ ability is not limited by line-of-sight: By using advanced technology, this system ensures reliable, secure operation over distances of up to 500 feet—up to 200 feet through most walls.


SmartPure Mineral Cartridge

Proven mineral technology uses controlled-release delivery to help soften water, prevent algae growth, and lower the needed amount of chlorine.


Natural disinfection

An additional level of water purity is achieved with the SmartPure® Mineral Cartridge when paired with either the Ozone Generator or the Salt Sanitizer.


The special cartridge releases controlled levels of silver and copper that serve as a biostat. This perfect combination of minerals helps maintain pH levels, disinfects water, and prevents algae and bacteria growth all without trips to the pool-supply store for algaecides and other specialty treatments.


Pair a SmartPure® Mineral Cartridge with another SmartPure® system to achieve the freshest, most comfortable swimming environment possible.


SmartSeries™ In-Floor System

Pop-up nozzles create “cleaning zones” with jets of water.


“Zone” cleaning power

Depending on your pool site and local conditions, an in-floor pool-cleaning system may be an effective way to automate cleaning.


A system of built-in nozzles creates "cleaning zones". During programmed cycles, the recessed nozzles rise up out of the pool floor and go to work: Each fires a jet of water that forces away dirt and debris in its path—directing it to the main drain and skimmer where it is removed.


Based on local conditions and your pool design, your Blue Haven designer will advise you if an in-floor cleaning system is recommended.


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