Seasonal Opening & Closing Services

Proper seasonal Opening and closing are crucial to the longevity of your pool and spa equipment as well the care and maintenance of your pool interior finish tile, coping and overall structural integrity. Our technicians will start the season off by bring your pool/spa into tip top shape, and will finish the season with your pool and spa protected and ready to go for the next season.


Pool & Spa Opening Services Include:

  • Removal of winter cover & resetting of cover anchors
  • Remove all closing plugs
  • Replace jet fittings, directional’s, equipment Plugs, cartridges etc...
  • Install railings, skimmer baskets
  • Cleanup equipment Pad
  • Blow off pool deck, rinse and clean
  • Clean salt cells
  • Start up pool and clean
  • Add chemicals and balance water


Optional Opening Services:

  • Power washing deck
  • Clean coping
  • Sealers on stone coping
  • Tuck pointing
  • Caulking
  • Deliver chemicals, new cartridges


Please call office at 636-940-2169 for any specialty service


Seasonal Pool & Spa Closing includes:

  • Drain pool to proper closing level
  • Blow out all plumbing lines and add anti-freeze
  • Winterize all filter equipment, mechanical plug lines. Also all water features.
  • Remove Railings
  • Add winterizing chemical Kit to pool water
  • Install pool winter cover


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