1. How long is the pool/spa building process start to finish?
    Answer: The engineering and permitting process is individual to each city/municipality. The permit process typically takes 1-4 weeks. The average project takes 6-8 weeks in construction time, weather permitting. Projects with more elaborate features will take longer.

  2. How much disruption to my home and yard can I expect?
    Answer: Your home and living space will have minimal impact as the majority of work is outside. Excavation and construction equipment will need access to the backyard, disturbing those areas. Our crews are respectful of the homeowner, their property, as well as your neighbor’s property. Each jobsite is cleaned of trash and debris daily.

  3. Who will oversee and be in charge of my project?
    Answer: We have a full time Project Manager on staff. He will schedule and do what we call a “Walkthrough” with the customer prior to construction. He will go over the entire project in detail which includes the contract, access routes, drawing, elevations etc…. Most of this information will have been previously explained by our designer, but this ensures better communication moving forward through your project. He is responsible for managing each phase of the project and answering any questions along the way.

  4. Can I make changes after construction starts?
    Answer: Yes, it is possible to make changes, depending on what stage we are in and the type of change to be made. We can generally add water features, alter pool size and shape, adjust decking or even modify equipment.

  5. Do you offer warranty on your work?
    Answer: We provide both labor and mechanical warranties. Additionally, we offer a lifetime warranty on the pool shell. We will also warranty underground plumbing to customers for as long as they use our service to open and close their pool and spa.

  6. Do you offer service after construction of pool?
    Answer: Yes, our service division, Blue Water Pool Service, will handle anything from weekly maintenance to repairs over the lifetime of your pool. This include opening, closing and winter maintenance.