Concrete Pool Deck


Achieving the right look and feel for your pool is important. While the shape, style and size of your pool are vital considerations, your pool deck is just as important. If you have the wrong type of deck, you can experience a number of problems. Concrete pool deck overlays and pavers can offer some significant advantages to homeowners, though.


Concrete Pool Deck Overlays

The most common solution for a pool deck is concrete. It’s durable, affordable and provides years of use. However, it can also get very, very hot. In warmer climates, it can be almost impossible to walk on a concrete deck during the heat of the day. Concrete pool decks can be covered with overlay solutions that will help to make them a bit more bearable on bare feet.


There are several solutions here, including using a sprayed on cement-polymer overlay. This goes on like paint, but it’s very different. Available in light colors, this solution reflects heat and light from the sun, keeping the surface cooler. Some also offer an “orange peel” surface with air pockets that will help to reduce heat transfer.


Pool Deck Pavers

Pavers are important ways to achieve the look and feel that you want, but can also offer more than just aesthetics. Light colored pavers can reflect light and heat, making the pool deck cooler. There are many types of pavers out there, too, including brick, stone and tile.


Pool Decks Resurfacing

If your deck is looking a little worse for the wear or needs an overlay to help block some of that summer heat, then pool deck refinishing and resurfacing services can help. You’ll find that these companies can help you achieve any type of pool deck designs that you might want, including pavers and overlays. Pool deck refinishing can also be a great way to revamp the look of your outdoor pool area and make it more elegant, enjoyable and luxurious.


We can help you add almost any style you might want to your pool and the deck around it, as well.

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